Infrastructure at the Coast-Working Diani

Diani Beach on the South coast of Kenya is a world renown destination for tourists. It is also the perfect destination for business travelers, digital nomads and co-workers looking to combine remote work and leisure.

Kenya has very good mobile phone connection with 4G is available nationwide and 5G has already been rolled out 5G some parts. Fiber optic backbone infrastructure has also been consistently expanded and there is healthy competition among last mile connectivity providers. Affordable fiber internet offers can be found in over 40 cities and towns.

The advantages of fiber internet are obvious. Here at the Coast-Working Diani, we offer a stable connection of at least 50 Mbps and in case of emergency a 4G connection is on stand-by. To guard against common power outages, we have backup power supply and a UPS bridges from the first second of failure until the generator takes over.

Our workspace is well ventilated with fans and we always have a pleasant indoor climate even in the height of summer which can go up to 32 degrees centigrade, making productive work possible. Our modern office is equipped with height-adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, acoustic pods for phone calls, podcasts and other occasions where undisturbed work is required. Our flexible tables that can be arranged together in various configurations for meetings or group work,also set international standards in Kenya’s co-working scene.

And what would a co-working space be without a good coffee? Our fully automatic coffee machine delivers everything from espresso to latte macchiato at the touch of a button, made from local Kenyan coffee beans. Our water cooler is not a virtual channel in Slack, but actually provides fresh, still water.

For conferences and larger meetings, we have additional rooms available at Lotfa Resort, as well as a restaurant, a pool and of course, rooms and apartments. It is possible to get preferential rates through our partnership with Lotfa Resorts.

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