Diani Regatta Festival

The Diani Regatta Festival is an annual cultural event held on the beautiful sandy beaches of Diani, Kenya. The festival is organized by the South Coast Community Ecotourism Association (SCCEA). The sailing competition features the local fishing boats or dhows locally known as Ngalawas. A Ngalawa is a traditional boat, typically with one masts and one or two outrigger. The large triangular sail and a long, narrow hull gives it very distict design. It is used still today throughout the coastal region for fishing. Ngalawas it is a symbol of the Swahili coast culture.

The festival now in its 8th year, is the only event on the South Coast that showcases the Mijikenda culture. This years event, will take place on 19th February 2023. It will bring local fishermen together in a Ngalawa racing competition. It will also give visitors a chance to experience the rich culture of Swahili people. The Swahili culture, which is a mixture of African, Arab, and Indian influences, is reflected in the food, music, and dance that are a part of the regatta.

Diani Regatta Festival sponsor

Coast Working Diani Beach is proud to sponsor this major cultural event Diani Regatta Festival 2023. When we set up the coworking space it was our clear intention from the get go to include the local community and the businesses in and around Diani. The festival brings the whole of the South Coast together to participate in this special event! With growing national and international interest in the Diani Regatta Festival, we are very excited to be part of it as a sponsor!

We would like to invite our friends, customers and business partners to join us on Sunday, 19th February. The event is going to happen from 10 am to 5 pm at Safari Beach Hotel. Esnjoy a day full of Mijikenda culture, good food, refreshing drinks and local craftmanship. And of course to cheer our boat in the competition.

Find more information about the Mijikenda culture on the Diani Regatta Website.

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