We love contemporary African Art!

The Diani Regatta Festival, will take place next Sunday. Being proud sponsor of the event, it was also the inspiration for the selection of two motifs of contemporary african art. These paintings of dhows currently decorate our CoWorking.

contemporary african art: dhows on the ocean

The cultural, social, and political environment of Africa today is reflected in contemporary African art. Contemporary African art encompasses a wide range of dynamic works, from vivid paintings and sculptures to mixed media. It is becoming more and more well known around the globe.

Contemporary African Art as an inspiration

The capacity of African art to motivate and foster an encouraging, upbeat environment at work is one of its most fascinating features. Businesses may create a distinctive and interesting ambiance that inspires creativity and productivity by integrating African art into the workplace.

For us, art is meant to contribute to the creation of a warm and friendly ambiance in our coworking space. A mood that encourages community and cooperation. The varied spectrum of African art’s forms and techniques can serve as a source of inspiration for those who utilize the space. And the utilization of strong, brilliant colors and patterns can aid to enliven the area.

We honor the rich cultural history of Africa by incorporating current African art into our workplace. We want to show our dedication to diversity and cultural appreciation and promote the work of outstanding artists from Kenya and East Africa.

Community support that looks good

Furthermore, purchasing contemporary art is a wonderful way to aid regional artists and communities. We feel, that we have to support artists financially and help to spread knowledge of Africa’s rich artistic legacy by buying and displaying African art in our coworking space.

In conclusion, contemporary African art may be a potent instrument for

  • igniting imagination
  • creating a sense of community
  • encouraging cultural sensitivity at work.

Our goal is not only to celebrate and promote Africa’s rich cultural heritage. But also to make our coworking space feel more lively. Bringing contemporary African art into our officespace is a terrific way to get there.

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