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Moving! Welcome to CoastWorking 2.0

We have moved! After some difficulties at our old premises, CoastWorking is now active at a new location. The move took place on Madaraka Day (Kenyan Independence) and that is how it feels to us.

Ali’s Plaza in the northern part of Diani Beach Road is much quieter than Lotfa, where the increasing traffic at the intersection with a feeder road to the Lunga-Lunga main road increasingly disrupted relaxed working. In the immediate vicinity there are also several international restaurants serving Italian, Chinese, Indian and Mexican cuisine. The nearby Leopard Beach Resort also welcomes walk-in guests to the restaurant.

The fast, stable internet, the reliable power supply and our ergonomic workstations have remained. With the almost twice the size of our new location, we can offer even more co-workers a place. A new meeting and community space on the mezzanine floor will soon expand our and your options at CoastWorking.

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