• Moving! Welcome to CoastWorking 2.0

    Moving! Welcome to CoastWorking 2.0

    We have moved! After some difficulties at our old premises, CoastWorking is now active at a new location. The move took place on Madaraka Day (Kenyan Independence) and that is how it feels to us. Ali’s Plaza in the northern part of Diani Beach Road is much quieter than Lotfa, where the increasing traffic at…

  • Scuba Diving – Activities in Diani (Vol. 2)

    Scuba Diving – Activities in Diani (Vol. 2)

    Diani Beach, located on the south coast of Kenya, is a popular destination for scuba diving. The crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs provide a unique and exciting diving experience for visitors. There are several PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) diving schools located along Diani Beach. Each offering a range of diving courses…

  • Diani Digital Diversity Retreat

    Diani Digital Diversity Retreat

    The Diani Digital Diversity Retreat is an upcoming event that will take place from 13th April to 3rd May 2023. The retreat is designed to bring together digital nomads, remote workers, expats, and locals to explore the beautiful beaches and culture of Diani while also offering opportunities for personal and professional development. Here are some…

  • Diani Regatta 2023

    Diani Regatta 2023

    The Diani Regatta 2023 is history. We had a real blast last sunday attending. Sadly our boat was late for the pre-heats so we only could enter the final on a wildcard without being in competition. But anyway: it wasn’t about winning but attending in the first place. Besides the races – three pre-heats and…

  • We love contemporary African Art!

    We love contemporary African Art!

    The Diani Regatta Festival, will take place next Sunday. Being proud sponsor of the event, it was also the inspiration for the selection of two motifs of contemporary african art. These paintings of dhows currently decorate our CoWorking. The cultural, social, and political environment of Africa today is reflected in contemporary African art. Contemporary African…

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