The Coast Working in Diani has opened! Finally!

The idea of having a coworking space was born last year in November, when we – Jacinta and me – first visited Diani Beach. Being both freelancers we had the need to still work on our ongoing projects while enjoying some leisure time.

Our host at this time offered quite a good internet connection, but we still lacked a proper workspace as we were staying in an apartment. Working at the dining table or going to different cafés was not what we wanted in the long run – not even for one week. On our way home approaching Nairobi on Mombasa Road from the south, the realisation ripened with every kilometer deeper into the big city’s chaotic traffic. We went, no, we had to go back to Diani at some point. And since we didn’t find a co-working space there, we promised ourselves to set up one.

We started house hunting in January 2022. Always having in mind that our residential should also accommodate a shared office space and – and if possible even guestrooms for our visitors. The house we found looked perfect for all that. It just turned out during the contractual negotiations that it could only be used for residental purpose. At least we now had a beachhead (sic!) in Diani to continue our search for a coworking space.

Today we are happy to announce that we found the perfect premises at Lotfa Resort, along Diani Beach Road. Situated in a serene, green environment with very good internet connectivity, we are confident that we can offer our CoWorkers the best experience here.

Lotfa Resort’s hotel rooms and fully furnished flats for long-term renting offer the perfect complement to our CoWorking, as do the shared meeting and conference rooms. An attached restaurant, a beautiful garden with pool are further amenities of the resort that our clients can make use of.

Welcome to Coast-Working Diani Beach!

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